17-year-old singer songwriter Madi McGuire, first picked up the guitar and began writing songs at 9 years old and quickly developed a love for it. She has a sweet southern voice with a pop twist. Being raised in Oklahoma, Madi has deep country roots but leans towards the New Country Genre. She is an up and coming Country artist who has big goals and ambitions.  Within the last year,  Madi has accomplished winning battle of the bands at Cains Ballroom, as well as opening up for Josh Turner, and preforming in Nashville. 

New Release coming soon: Fireworks & F-150’s

Fireworks & F-150’s

Madi’s upcoming release is a fun, fiery, 4th of July anthem song that perfectly portrays the story of two people young and in love.

Growing up like me

“Growing up like me” is a upbeat summer anthem about the high school experience and getting your parents to understand where your at in your life. 


“I can’t see ‘em” is about loss and wresting with heartbreak during a time where it is so difficult to see the reasons behind why challenging things happen in this life. It is my wish that this song can touch anyone who can relate to these experiences, and bring hope in seasons where hope is hard to find.

What girls are for

In life, everyone has a best friend or ride or die. This song is a fun, upbeat, girl anthem song that protrays what a true friendship is like, and a great song to jam out to with your best friends. 

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